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Are you searching for discounted investment properties in Arizona?  If so, you have come to the right place.  GoRealEstateInvestor.com is an Arizona property wholesale website that has a solid inventory of below market real estate in the Phoenix-Metro area.  Inside you will find fix-n-flips sold at massive discounts, cash flowing rental opportunities, multi-family money makers, and even cheap land and commercial buildings.  Our ability to locate, analyze, and pick up discounted Arizona investment properties ensures a constant stream of fresh inventory for you to choose from!

Where Does GoRealEstateInvestor.com Get Its Inventory?

GoREI.com finds Arizona investment properties from a number of sources.  First, we have relationships with national asset management companies that buy bulk REO packages and break them up into smaller, more manageable sizes.  Whenever they get inventory in Arizona, they call us to help them wholesale their properties.  Second, we purchase many properties from auction.  Everyday there are hundreds of discounted Arizona properties going to auction but the amount of work to track, research, and outbid the competition makes purchasing a foreclosure this way difficult.  GoRealEstateInvestor.com does all this work for you and only sells the Arizona investment properties that we believe are good deals!  Third we get cheap Phoenix-Metro properties from our network of investors.  You see, investors love chasing down good deals, but might not be able to perform on all the opportunities that come across their desk.  They turn us onto the properties and we pick them up and package them for you to buy “leaving the meat on the bone”.  Fourth, we have an aggressive online presence and pick up many great deals from motivated homeowners looking to sell their properties fast for cash due to financial strains or foreclosure.  Lastly, we get our properties from other wholesalers.  Our relationships with some of the biggest investors in Arizona allow us to get better deals on properties than if you were to go directly to the source.

GoRealEstateInvestor.com Is a Principal In Every Real Estate Transaction!

This means that we control the Arizona wholesale properties that you will find on this site.  Our wholesale investment homes are sold as-is and typically involve a cash transaction.  If you do not have all the cash to take advantage of these great deals, then we have relationships with private and hard money lenders so you can get a short term loan.  GoRealEstateInvestor.com prides our self on our ability to create profitable opportunities so that you can build your real estate portfolio one great deal at a time.  Our Arizona property wholesalers handle the entire transaction from start to finish including paperwork and calculating a return-on-investment (ROI) strategy that fits your investing needs.  You can count of GoREI.com for all your Arizona wholesale property needs!


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